June 28, 2011

Apple: iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 in Planning?

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That one at Apple is often quite innovative and new paths, that is really nothing new, but with the recent reporting of some analysts, Apple could surprise everyone once again. Because Apple is allegedly planning, not only to bring a new iPhone on the market in September, but two new models, which are around Apple iPhone 4S and Apple iPhone 5 should act.

Accordingly, Apple would get bandied both models on the market and not just a smartphone. It should have Apple's plan to equip the iPhone 4S with a 3.5-inch screen and less improvement in order to bring the unit already for around 350 € without contract binding on the market. Thus Apple would try to iPhone 4S, attack the middle class segment, which is not yet dominated by the Android smartphones.

Apple iPhone 5 is scheduled as usual for the high-end sector and thereby to have access to a 4 inch screen and large improvements. In the past there were rumors of two iPhones at once, which so far have not materialized. For this reason the rumor should not attach too much importance, since two iPhones at once, it will not give in 2011.

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