June 28, 2011

Apple iPhone 5, Summarized in Good Infographic

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iPhone 5. Many can hardly wait. Almost daily I am asked, when at last the new iPhone 5 and whether it is worthwhile to wait until August or September. In the same breath, I will then enumerate all the explosive innovations and advantages over the iPhone 4 ... Oh yes sometimes it is already not easy ... So fun side. In my daily research I came across a rather impressive graphics information, which lists all the rumors, speculations and innovations for the upcoming Apple device.

Starting with the larger display than the more powerful A5 processor up to the 3D display, in a realistic indication of percent-even while still delivered a score on the likely arrival of the various rumors. Originated from the collaboration between labs and thenextweb.com Infographic, the iPhone Rumor 5 graphics is worth a look. Have fun with the lovely summary of the new iPhone fifth What features do you estimate are realistic. What in your opinion totally absurd? Give her the 3D display more foolish than 10%? Let us know.

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