July 1, 2011

Free Download FileScout for BlackBerry v2.6.0.6 (Update)

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FileScout for Blackberry has released latest update, version FileScout useful as a file manager and perform copy, move, rename, zip, unzip, delete files, and more. Here are the latest features.

FileScout Core Features:

* Displays the directory contents (including hidden files) through the choice of name, type, size or date
* Create a new directory, copy, move, rename, or delete files (including directory structures)
* Zip and unzip the file (no password protected zip)
* Browse dilemma content zip files (without extracting)
* Displays details of files and directories
* Displays thumbnails for image files (optional)
* Resize or rotate images (90 ° 180 ° -90 °)
* Taking Screenshots of Your BlackBerry
* Open all the media files (if supported by your device (incompatible with BeamReader))
* Open files (like it or xml) as plain text to edit, copy, and paste text segments
* Search for files and directories
* Send files for email attachments
* Sending / receiving files via Bluetooth ® to other devices that have the OBEX tela
* Find a list of favorite directories
* Create playlists
* Access Device SystemEventLog

You can try to download this application free for 14 days. More info you can see in: http://www.emacberry.com/bbfilescout.html

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