July 6, 2011

How to Improve Wireless Coverage and Possibly Speed

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Networking is complicated, and businesses often spend a great deal of their available revenue on their IT department in order to keep their various systems talking to each other. At home, small and medium sized networks are becoming more and more common as our devices begin to integrate the net in to what they do.

In the past, you would connect a modem to your computer and that was the extent of your networking needs. If you had multiple computers, you may have invested in a second network card and switch, hub, or even a full-on router if you really wanted to go all out. Now, having a router in your home is as common as having a television set.

Jake Ludington and Brandon Wirtz of LockerGnome tackled the wireless network at my home and found a few areas in need of improvement. Once they put a fix in place, we sat down to discuss their tips on improving wireless speed. [Source: chris.pirillo.com, YouTube.com]

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