November 23, 2011

Angry Dots, Connected with BBM

Posted at 6:35 PM by admin
Contlex Ventures times to bring back the classic game we ever played as a child. A game of connect the dots on small paper, this time featured in a BlackBerry smartphone. This game is named Angry Dots. Rules of the game is still the same as the version of classic game. Each point should we connect and when we managed to connect the dots that form a box, then it is our winner.

When all the points are locked and form a box, it will get more points. One more, this game can now be connected using the fuel. So we can play with our friends in the contact of BBM.

This game you can get directly in AppWorld, and you should be using OS 4.6 upwards to play this game. One more, this game is free!.

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