November 23, 2011

iPhone 4S WiFi 'problems'

Posted at 6:34 PM by admin
Apple iPhone 4S seems to have problems again. After a critic Lantara battery endurance is not good. In addition there are still some bugs. Although it was updated to display the IOS 5.0.1, but still the improvement is not maximized.

This week in fact, Apple plans to release IOS 5.0.2, but it was still stuck for a while, because there are still improvements to be made ​​by Apple, which is still causing the durability of memory that can be weak. Now that Apple's problems increased, with the presence of WiFi is not connected. Users are reporting that Wifi is not connected to various networks that exist.

May the presence of IOS 5.0.2 will soon fix the problems that occur during these circumstances some iPhone users.

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