November 23, 2011

iPhone Lens Dial: 3 Variation Photos

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In earlier reports a case with the name of the Holga is capable of displaying various image effects of the iPhone 4S or iPhone 4, this time engguna iPhone iPhone 4 and 4S get new accessories called Photojojo. This is the iPhone accessories that presents Dial Lens photo effects when using the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S.

It's easy and iPhone 4 iPhone users need only place the iPhone 4S Lens Dial is behind the Apple smartphone and this tool will get 3 wide angle lens that is 0.7x, 0.33x and 1.5x telephoto fish eye.

How the effect of wide angle, telephoto and fish eye to supply the following accessories. The third effect is obtained from 3 different lenses mounted on the body is wrapped in black aluminum.
To switch lenses as desired, users simply rotate the third lens alternately.

The fun part about using the iPhone as a camera is that we get an impressive performance. Photojojo special lens of this adds some exciting new capabilities you iPhone camera users. Interested in the iPhone Lens Dial this?. Please visit their website at photojojo.

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