November 23, 2011

Free 360 Panorama in Android Market

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Good news for those who are now using Android and have the enthusiasm in the world photography. Because now you can download the application 360 Panorama that before only possessed by the IOS and Sony Ericsson. 360 Panorama is a photo application that helps you stitch multiple photos with a 360 degree angle. With this application, you only have to move horizontally or vertically and 360 Panorama will stitch it for you.

Earlier in the year 2008 as the developer of this application occipital was pessimistic panorama 360 can be used on Android. Since the program on the Android Dalvik JVM when it can not do the loop faster. While Objective-C program's occipital must run 50x faster than the Dalvik.

This application can be used on Android 2.3 Gingerbread system up and Honeycomb. This application offers features that are almost the same as the version of IOS, but there are some that are different. As Gyroscope that exist in IOS, 360 panorama feature is not present in Android. Perhaps the gyroscope can be present in Android in the next update in V1.1. This application you can get from the Android Market link.

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