November 23, 2011

Ice Cream Sandwich at Asus Transformer Prime

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Google does make Ice Cream Sandwiches to rival the IOS 5 which was released some time ago. Sure you've seen this capability in the Android 4.0 smartphone like the Galaxy Nexus, but how this OS capabilities in tablet form? Prime Transformer Asus which immediately launched early in 2012 that it had confirmed to use this OS directly showing off greatness Ice Cream Sandwich in tablets.

With support for Tegra processor 3, Asus Prime Transformer certainly not experiencing problems while running various applications on Android 4.0. But unfortunately, the user interface in Android 4.0 tablet Prime Transformer does not give much of a difference from the Honeycomb.

The ability to create folders on the homescreen and some transition animation does look a little promising. HD video display and gaming Riptide able to run smoothly without a hitch. But this is the beginning of a new video and Asus promised to provide more video to tempt you.

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