November 20, 2011

iPad 3, MacBook & iPhone 5 Arrive in Early March-April

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Apple was seriously working on their new products. All the gadgets from Apple, such as, iPhone, MacBook, and the iPad, will feature a new design. Rumors about the iPad 3misalnya, will use the system board so that the light level the better the resolution. As we wrote earlier, their suppliers such as LG being prepared as possible.

Meanwhile, for the iPhone will use a wider screen that is 4 inches and a rather long body. This seems to answer to the criticism given that, there is the concept of the previous iPhone iPhone 4S did not have changes that differ from the iPhone 4S.

Meanwhile, for MacBook, will be installed Hybrid concept, which will incorporate the concept MacBook touch screen like the iPad, using an antenna that allows to communicate, as well as thinner as well. The news circulating, iPad 3 will appear in March next year, while the iPhone will be circulated in the summer, or around April.

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