November 20, 2011

New Amazon Smartphone

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After the success of the online store, now they try out a Tablet. The result, quite encouraging, even so-called as one of the competitors for the vendor who have started to get into this business. After considerable success with the Kindle Fire, which is their tablets, Amazon was ready to launch a smartphone.

Apparently, Amazon is not only "just ride through" in the making smartphone. From the news circulated, Amazon will work together with Foxconn. Foxconn is a company that works with Apple in delivering components for the gadget device.

Amazon rumored smartphone will use a processor chip from Texas Instruments and Qualcomm. This smartphone has its own segment, namely the lower-middle segment, and the price is reportedly pretty cheap at $ 150 and $ 170. The plan on November 14, Amazon is expected to sell as many as five million devices in the fourth quarter and over the next year. But it is not known, the OS what to use Amazon as a smartphone later, if the plan is correct.

Looks like the competition between smartphones and tablet computers will be more exciting next year.

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