November 20, 2011

No Flash in Ice Cream Sandwich (Google said)

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If you are currently collecting some money to buy Galaxy Nexus, then this news should be considered before purchasing. Latest news from Google said that Android OS 4.0 is not yet supported by Adobe Flash Player pre-installed. Android Market that has the ability to recognize the hardware of your handset will not provide access to download the application.

The application also does not you can download, even if you're trying to bring down the previous version of Flash Player. But Google does not seem too concerned about the impact on the users of the Android. Because according to their availability for this application at the Ice cream sandwiches will be ready by the time Google asking Adobe to prepare. Because until now Adobe has yet to update their Flash applications for Android 4.0.

Yet within a few days into the future, Adobe has plans to announce their latest application update that will support HTML5. "We understand that Flash is not yet released for the Ice Cream Sandwich, but they certainly Adobe will be available in Android 4.0." - Google.

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