November 21, 2011

Make NFC Tag with BlackBerry Smart Tags

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After yesterday we saw how the BlackBerry NFC technology running and see what there might be time for us to use own NFC tags. A website BlackBerrycool give a tips how we can use it. With the BlackBerry Smart Tag applications, users can not only read the tag, this is just one aspect of the NFC that would be awesome on the BlackBerry. Tutorials and more about the NFC after the jump.

The first thing we'll want to do is make sure you have a BlackBerry Applications Smart Tags. This application is available directly on the BlackBerry device 7 and if not make sure we get it through appworld. We also need to have NFC stickers. Tagstand offer NFC stickers for $ 1 per sticker. Depending on how many stickers that we need and we can choose the appropriate package. Remember, NFC stickers can be reused or locked and not reprogrammable.

It all depends on the tag that we buy, where we can store various amounts of data. When buying a NFC sticker, be sure to take the type of Mifare ultralight. It stores 48 bytes of data usage, so they can save for contact information and URL.

Now open the BlackBerry Smart Tags app and select Menu> Create Tag. Then input the data that we will want to attach the tag. At the time of this writing, we can only put the URL but hopefully RIM will immediately update with the ability to add contact information and telephone numbers ..

NFC is forecast to be great for the BlackBerry platform. We can transfer media by simply pressing the devices together. Developers will also find innovative ways to utilize NFC API for creating applications that transfer data and connecting devices just by touching it. Now, for you who already have a BlackBerry device with OS 7.0 may be able to try it.

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