November 22, 2011

Microsoft Buy VideoSurf To Compete YouTube

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Microsoft has managed to buy VideoSurf and start a video-discovery technology projects to be implemented in several products like the Xbox and maybe Windows Phone. Microsoft is of course of action to improve jbertujuan video services in several line-up products, considering YouTube has been owned by Google.

But actually VideoSurf applications can also be used in multiple Android handset with a display that is somewhat similar to IntoNow with features that can identify the spectacle of what you are viewing. But VideoSurf has advantages with using visual recognition to identify the spectacle of what you see, and then gives you all the information regarding the video.

Surf videos are also connected with several social networking sites. So when you like a video, VideoSurf allows you to share it with friends on Facebook. "We are very pleased to be working together to deliver exceptional experiences for users," said Lior Delgo, CEO and co-founder of VideoSurf.

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