December 2, 2011

Amazon Next Kindle Fire use Nvidia Processor

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Without question, the Amazon Kindle tablets Fire has grown rapidly into one of the most popular Android devices. Only by about $ 200, the tablet is something that is rich with media and applications. Some time ago we certainly have heard there is the presence of the next generation of Kindle Fire. Rumors persisted. Fire the new Kindle will be much more powerful.

It seems Nvidia might work with Amazon's Kindle to deliver the next Fire. At least according to Canaccord Genuity analyst Bobby Burleson, who claims that Amazon's next tablet will be powered by Nvidia processors. And chances are it is Tegra 3.

Meanwhile, other rumors Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang has been targeting the Amazon as a customer as their partner in the development of processors for tablet computers. Maybe it can happen to remember, Amazon plans to make a tablet with a size 8.9-inch and 10 inch. And of course the tablet with a screen size of it requires the best graphics too, could be the Nvidia Tegra 3 is the answer.

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