December 2, 2011

Survey: iPhone 4S more Favorites than iPhone 4

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A study from ChangeWave Research, it makes the iPhone 4S is very satisfying for users. Apart from some problems that are now common, such as a weak battery, the same design to its predecessor, or even when the iPhone 4S burst into flames. But the iPhone 4S is compared with the iPhone 4.

The study involved 215 4S iPhone owners, reported that about 77% of respondents said "very satisfied" with Siri gadget that uses this feature, while 19% of respondents "satisfied". Only 2% of respondents claimed to be "satisfied" with Steve Jobs last legacy smartphone.

Overall 96% of respondents are satisfied with the iPhone 4S beyond the iPhone 4, which is only 93% who expressed his satisfaction on the performance of these devices, at its initial launch. Siri, a personal assistant on the iPhone 4S is a feature that favored by the respondents. The 8 megapixel camera is also a main factor, respondents prefer the iPhone 4S.

Battery problem on the iPhone 4S by 38%, where respondents refer to it as something that failed. No presence of the 4G network and display and the same design with the iPhone 4 is also a factor of dissatisfaction of respondents on the iPhone 4S. But regardless, iPhone 4S indeed.

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