December 2, 2011

Apple stop Carrier IQ Support in iOS Devices

Posted at 7:45 PM by admin
Carierr IQ not only makes the BlackBerry users are anxious to leak data on their smartphones. This time Apple producers are also doing the same thing. But this time Apple stop all CarrierIQ on all devices.

"We are stopping support in IOS 5 Carrier IQ in almost every product and will delete it permanently in the upcoming software update. Diagnostics process data sent to Apple, the consumer must actively chose not to share any information. ", As quoted from the statement AllThingsID from Apple.

Carrier IQ is a software used to send data back to the operator. This is done to improve the performance of mobile phones. But based, Carrier IQ software contain spyware that can track the whereabouts of the user even knowing the password and the message text.

"If consumers share information then the data will be sent in encrypted form and anonymous and will not provide personal information. We never record keystrokes, messages or personal information for purposes of data and we never had plans to do so. "He added

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