December 2, 2011

RIM denies Carrier IQ on BlackBerry

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The issue of Carrier IQ's presence could make a scene. Carrier IQ has been thought to be in all mobile platforms including Android, Apple, and BlackBerry devices. Carrier IQ is a software that can be "spies" to assist operators by allowing them to spy on all text messages.

RIM has denied claims that they have installed the Carrier IQ on any BlackBerry smartphone. From a BlackBerry forum, Mark Sohm from RIM said RIM aware of the latest claims by security researchers that the application called "Carrier IQ" is installed on mobile devices from multiple vendors without the knowledge or consent of the user device.

RIM will continue to investigate the reports and speculation associated with Carrier IQ. RIM can prove that it is not pre-installed applications on their devices. In addition, RIM does not allow operators to install the application partners Carrier IQ on the BlackBerry smartphone prior to the sale or distribution and will never do it.

If the application Carrier IQ is present in the BlackBerry smartphone, it does not mean that the application of Carrier IQ has been hacked, the BlackBerry platform. Meanwhile, users of BlackBerry Enterprise Server as admin have full control over which third-party software when it installs the application on BlackBerry smartphones. BlackBerry smartphones are designed to prompt the user for approval to grant permissions for third-party applications.

From this statement, look inside your BlackBerry device is not named Carrier IQ. So, BlackBerry users do not have to worry anymore about this issue of Carrier IQ.

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