December 2, 2011

PlayBook 4G, BBX, BlackBerry Mobile Fusion 'Leaked'

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Some of us would still curious about further details of the presence of BBX and OS 2.0 for Playbook. Kyle of BBCool managed to get some more details about the innovation from RIM about RIM BlackBerry, BlackBerry Playbook and the BBX.

Some of these leaks are:

-PlayBooks 4G will be present around early 2012 and reportedly OS 2.0 has been tested by several operators in a foreign country.

-Playbook OS 2.0 will bring improvement pace without a lot of UI changes. Most of the rise and functionality.

-RIM has been working to expand the video to the Playbook where endpoints for video chat

-Infrastructure development is to push the BlackBerry smartphone and BlackBerry Playbook

-Enkripis S / MIME will not be available at the launch of OS 2.0 for BlackBerry Playbook, but will be available shortly thereafter.

Fusion-Mobile BlackBerry can handle + 10,000 users per server compared with 2,000 just the current user.

-Plan for RIM to make more applications can connect to the internet via the Playbook.

Playbook-4G will not have the ability to video chat at first. But there will be a third-party applications to be a partner of RIM.

If this is true, then it probably will be something interesting. In addition the company that makes the RIM BlackBerry Playbook, BBX, and also the BlackBerry Mobile Fusion, also must maintain its existence, and one ruler of the smartphone market.

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