December 16, 2011

BeBuzz 5 in Appworld presents New Features

Posted at 7:29 PM by admin
BeBuzz has long been a favorite application for some BlackBerry users. With increase some customization, BeBuzz allows us to choose a specific LED color and pattern for all applications on the BlackBerry device, including email, SMS, phone calls, third party applications and more.

Now BeBuzz 5 update and now can add a custom message warning LED for BBM. That means we can have a different color marks for couples, friends, boss or whoever we choose. Toast fuel now also present, meaning we can choose to display a warning message short of fuel and even have it read out thanks to features text-to-speech.

Current users can update BeBuzz or for those who do not already have this app for $ 1.99 at BlackBerry App World.

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