December 16, 2011

BlackBerry 10 present at End of 2012

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BlackBerry 10 as the latest OS made ​​by RIM started to smell on the carpet Devcon 2011 Asian ago. But unfortunately, this OS will not appear until the end of the fourth quarter of 2012. Of course this can be understood that RIM wanted to give the market sufficient time to enjoy their experience with the BlackBerry 7 which was released in mid-2011 then.

Certainty emergence BlackBerry 10 also has been confirmed by RIM co-CEO Jim Basallie who said for the latest generation BlackBerry devices will appear at the end of 2012. Jim's colleague, Mike Lazaridis who also serves as co-CEO of RIM also gives the opinion that RIM is waiting for a new generation of dual-core processors to be used on BlackBerry 10 devices.

RIM has always wanted to provide the best quality in every handset made. Not only the design and hardware, the BlackBerry operating system continues to evolve. Unfortunately the reason for dual-core processors new generation are less of a good reason, while RIM's competitors have been using the quad-core processor that reportedly will be present at the same time.

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