December 16, 2011

Microsoft: 3,200 Android Users hit by Malware

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If there are some among us who read article from previous for windows phone-for free for Android users affected by malware, which starts from the idea of ​​Ben Rudolph. So this time the senior director of Microsoft's Windows Phone, Bill Cox, reported that the challenge has received more than 3,200 responses.

However, it would be difficult to tell which are legitimate and which are made in favor of a free Windows Phone from Microsoft. However, Microsoft also recently received a report appearing this week of a vulnerability in Windows Phone text messages. Because of the way this Mango operating system in handling messages, text messages sent specifically written to the device from Facebook, SMS, or Windows Live can cause some damage. Microsoft itself is still working to fix this problem.

Looks like a new feud has begun involving Windows Phone, Android and of course the iOS from Apple.

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