December 4, 2011

Dimmer for iPhone, Manage your Brightnes

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An application called Dimmers for iPhone users now can help regulate how bright the screen on these devices. For example when we want to play games, or open an application that requires a better light, then Dimmers can do it quickly.

This application is quite simple and very easy to use. Once we start the application, will be presented with a light switch. Then scroll down to "MIN" for the screen to dim and dark settings, and slide up to "MAX" to the contrary. We can also choose a mode where we can get a clear view on the screen by pressing the "+" and "-" which can increase or decrease the brightness with the calculation of 1 / 100. The advanced mode also allows us to make each one different brightness levels.

The best part is, once we make the color levels and changes and exit the application Dimmers, then our device can automatically maintain the existing arrangements have to fit with our desires. For example, if we are in a dark movie theater and for some reason, we need to look at the iPhone for something we can do it in a way that quickly without getting into this application. Tingga click brightness, and adjust from there depending accordance with what we want.

 Dimmers application is free on the App Store and for you iPhone users, can directly download it.

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