December 4, 2011

Yahoo! Hub, Messaging Apps

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Apart from existing Yahoo! Mail and Yahoo! Messenger applications, the company is introducing software that is named Hub. Yahoo! Hub is a mobile messaging application that allows you to send text messages and have conversations in one group freely.

Hub offers various features like a message in the form of group or personal with the ability to send messages to anyone, local or international, without the cost at all. The message or conversation later sent via WiFi or data connection and Hub is a device agnostic, which means we can communicate with anyone on any mobile device as long as we have cell phone numbers of friends.

Hub basically do not need to be installed on mobile device or smartphone to reply to a message, but this can only be installed because the Hub is present in free version. For now this Hub is still in Beta form, and only available in the Android Market. But unfortunately this new application can only be used in the United States for a while.

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