December 15, 2011

Grand Thief Auto 3 for iPhone & iPad just $ 4,99

Posted at 7:33 PM by admin
Rockstar has just released Grand Thief Auto 3 for the iPhone and the iPad. The first game was launched on 10 years ago this priced at iTunes for $ 4.99. As in the original version, this game gives you a virtual playground for you to be explored by using various vehicles, but certainly with a different experience with touchscreen controls.

Grand Thief Auto 3 can now be played on iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod Touch 4, iPad 1 and 2. "Rockstar Games celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Grand Thief Auto 3 by dividing it into mobile devices. With an open systems world, characters and challenges of each mission makes this game so alive."

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