December 15, 2011

Huawei launch Cloud 160GB/user in 2012

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Huawei has been prepared to meet the year 2012 not only with their latest line-up includes the Huawei Vision, Honor and Media Pad, but they have plans to bring cloud facility of 160GB per user in the next year. With the presence of this cloud, it will replace applications like dropbox which only offers data storage capacity of approximately 2GB only.

Cloud of this size would not only provide convenience in storing document files, videos and music alone, but also the ease of sharing files from smartphones and tablets without SD media card. "We plan to release this facility during the quarter 1 in 2012," said Senior Product Manager of Huawei.

Apart from being a storage medium, Cloud will also serve as an application store provided by Huawei that covers a wide range of applications and games. With this facility, Huawei could help the developers to market a new application with an easier way.

For Android users, data security must be kept. Huawei also has prepared this cloud to backup phone data, which can restore not only data, but also the following settings you could do when the data in the phone is backed up. When you lose your phone, Cloud will also be sent through the phone's position and then do the screaming to indicate where the presence of the mobile phone.

But at the beginning of its launch later, this new cloud can be used on smartphones Huawei, but did not rule out going to be used on tablets of Huawei.

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