December 6, 2011

Panasonic PT AE7000: Best 3D Projector

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Panasonic projector, the PT-AE7000 and PT-AR100. The PT-AE7000 is the first 3D projector from Panasonic that has become a byword among home theater enthusiasts throughout the world who last month had already launched into the market outside of Indonesia.

Supports the latest technology and working with studios in Hollywood Panasonic PT-AE7000 has received many top honors in numerous reviews of world-class projector for use, price, and quality of 3D image generated. Full HD projector has a contrast ratio of 300,000: 1, which is 3-fold compared with the PT-AE4000 is a product of the previous home theater projector from Panasonic.

Us the opportunity to watch excellence at The PT-AE7000 home Cinemax, playing a special dealer of Panasonic produk home theater, using active 3D glasses from Panasonic, the resulting picture is very clear riveting eyes, and even with the 480Hz drive system, the captured image is much more subtle than 240Hz technology in previous generations, and its depth 3dimensi deeper than that produced by 3D television. In cooperation with the Shining Jaya PT.SINAR as authorized distributor of Gobel, Bara Adhyaksa as Marketing Manager said, "although the home theater projector market in Indonesia is a niche and premium, but we are seriously working on this market because the PT-AE7000 is the flagship model that reflects the top quality of Panasonic projector which is above the competitive brands "

To satisfy their premium customers, Gobel provide additional services to buyers of these products, in addition to 2-year warranty backed by a network of Panasonic service centers located in 33 cities in Indonesia, Gobel also provide free first time AE7000 overhaul service for their products within 1 year after purchase, and also a fruit of the active 3D glasses to every buyer of PT-AE7000.

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