December 5, 2011

Tell Me vs. Siri

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Apple has Siri. Apparently Microsoft is not standing still been working on similar features for a while. A video released last month showed about how the future version of Windows Phone Microsoft also demonstrated how this would be highly integrated with the Xbox and Kinect. This technology will be given the name of Tell Me.

A few days ago a video appeared of YouTube users the ability to compare Apple Siri and Microsoft Tellme software. By Siri on the new iPhone 4S and Tellme became a part of Windows Phone 7.

All have advantages and disadvantages of each, so that makes Tell Me for Windows Phone and Siri on the iPhone 4S will duel hard about this. Tell Me instance able to respond to some of the more traditional languages, while Siri is not. On the other hand Siri also faster in responding to questions, users, while Tell Me it's not good enough. Looks like this will be a "duel" between Apple and Microsoft said.

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